The command level uniforms (Sinclair,...

 Posted on 1/29/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

The command level uniforms (Sinclair, Laurel, Garibaldi) are pretty much
the same in cut, though Garibaldi's (and all of securityard grey more than
blue. Medical uniforms have a somewhat different cut and lean toward charcoal

There's a slightly different cut for grunt-level security, and a slightly
greener look. Station techs (maintainance crews and the like) generally get
yellow outfits with the B5 logo (and are not directly part of the EA
structure; they work at and for the station per se). Control techs, in the
observation dome, for instance, generally don't wear jackets on duty, but
rather shirts with the B5 logo. The shift commander, though, does wear a
jacket with his uniform. (When B5 opens, you see Laural give a command to the
shift commander, who then relays it to others. You can trace the line of
command in the dome from there.)

There are, and will be, other variations in uniform, but those are pretty
much the ones you'll see in the show. (In addition, of course, to more
conventional clothing such as that worn by casino workers, marked only by a
glitter-B5 logo.)