Re: the Trek, that was...

 Posted on 1/29/1993 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Re: the Trek, that was very much of its form and of that
universe; it wouldn't fit in the B5 universe.

Anything else in the past to compare with B5? Probably the closest has
been the novel writing, especially the one I'm working on now. But overall,
no, this is the biggie. If it works, it'll probably be the single largest
task of my career. If there's any one thing that I'd want to be remembered
for, it's a B5 series.

BTW...just a general note for those who are cycling in and out of the sure to be around a week or so before the airing of the
pilot. Many folks have asked how they can help; at that point, I just may put
you to work, and take you upon that generous offer...

(that should be up on, not upon...)