I've just gone through the last...

 Posted on 12/31/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

I've just gone through the last 24 messages, and I very much want to
thank you for the responses and the compliments; that honest-to-god wasn't
what I was going for when I asked the question, it wasn't "fishing." See, to
me, because you all *have* been a part of the process of Babylon 5 _ some in
bigger ways than you might expect _ there should indeed be some sense of
participation and proprietariness (is that a word?). And mainly, I just
wanted to know if that came through, if you were feeling as I did as the thing
unfolds. Because that's important.

Equally important, for me, is that this whole discussion stand as a kind
of textbook in terms of how a show gets made, to give those who'd like to get
into the Biz more fully understand what's involved. And if, when one sees _
say _ a shot from outside going into the station, one knows now what's
involved, how the EFX were done, what headaches are behind it, then I think
that's a positive thing.

Anyway...I'm blathering. Many thanks for the warm thoughts; they were an
unexpected bonus to the day.