Is it still fun? There are moments...

 Posted on 4/27/1992 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

Is it still fun? There are moments when you shouldn't ask me that
question. On the topic of television, and trying to get ANYthing done, Eric
Severeid once commented that the process is "like being nibbled to death by
ducks." So yeah, that plays a part from time to time.

But on balance, most of the time, yeah, it's fun. The part of the
process that I think I like the most is seeing what happens when you get other
people involved with the project, and what they develop. The first time I saw
the sketch of a Vorlon ship by Ron Thornton, which absolutely surprised
me...the reactions by the SF community...the media campaign put together for's the fun of creating a universe, and sending it spinning out into
space for others to play in.

The rest...ehhh. It's business. You try not to let it get you down or
make you crazy.

As for the Creation guy...not very many highlights, just a general sense When I brought up the first statement, he came back with, "I didn't
know we were gonna talk about Creation Conventions."

"Of course not," I said, "that's half the fun."

There's much to be said, I'm learning, for ambush journalism.

Some of the complaints he tried to dismiss as "baseless." I pointed out
that I'd personally seen some of it. He tried to get around it. And I have
to hand it to him, he comported himself real well. And he openly acknowledged
(after a bit) that yes, there *have* been problems...and ended by promising
that they *will* do better in the future.

We'll see.

At the end of the show, after we all went out for a bite (to show him
there were no hard feelings, and on the theory that you must administer the
rod and the sugar cane in equal proportion if you're going to get anything
done), he added, on parting, that the main job that now awaited him was
"getting the barbecque sauce and fish-hooks" out of his ass.

There are moments I love this job.

Severeid's ducks notwithstanding.