Re: JMS: NYCC autograph tickets?

 Posted on 1/10/2009 by to

On Jan 9, 6:36=A0pm, Jan <> wrote:
> JMS,
> Looks like the NYCC site is going to be selling autograph tickets this ye=
ar in
> addition to handing them first come/first served. =A0They do make clear t=
hat many
> guests and artists won't require a ticket but that some signings will be =
> to 75 or so.
> Remembering the issues with your signings a couple of years ago at this c=
on, I
> just wanted to check whether it's likely that any of your signings will r=
> a ticket.

I got an email from the convention saying that they were going to be
charging for autographs, and limiting it to 100 VIPs who bought

I emailed back to make it clear that that's now how I roll (as the
kids say).

What was explained back to me was that the VIP guests generally don't
want to sign for too long, so they limit the tickets to 100 and charge
for the tickets. But again...that ain't how I work.

So after talking to the convention president, the answer is no, there
won't be tickets for my signings, they're free as always, to as many
folks who show up in line. When I'm at a convention, and I only do
one or two a year, I'm there in the service of the fans, not to get an
early break.

The only stipulation, as ever these last few years, is a maximum of
ten items at a time. The person can get back in line at the end of
the line again for the next batch, but it's just ten at a time.