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On Aug 12, 8:37=A0pm, Dan Dassow <> wrote:
> Attn JMS: Will you attend New York Film Festival?
> Joe,
> The New York Film Festival (NYFF) announced today that Changeling will
> be the centerpiece of the festival. Will you be attending the NYFF
> (September 26 =96 October 12, 2008)?
> There is also indication that Changeling will be shown at the Vienna
> Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Will
> you attend these festivals if Changeling is shown at these venues?
> What is the possibility of you doing a novelization or a non-fiction
> treatment of Changeling?
> When will we be able to buy a legal copy of the Changeling script from
> Caf=E9 Press or other sources?
> Can you share with us when the poster and trailer for Changeling will
> be available?
> Dan Dassow
> References:
> 46th New York Film Festival
> September 26 - October 12, 2008
> Premiering the best in cinema from around the world.
> NEW YORK, Aug. 12, 2008=96=96 The North American premiere of Clint
> Eastwood=92s Changeling will be featured as Centerpiece of the 46th New
> York Film Festival and Darren Aronofsky=92s The Wrestler is the
> festival=92s Closing Night selection, the Film Society of Lincoln Center
> announced today. A newly restored print of Max Ophuls=92s final
> masterwork Lola Mont=E8s will be featured as the festival=92s spotlight
> retrospective. All three films headline the festival=92s 28-film main
> slate, which will screen at the Ziegfeld Theatre, Sept. 26 =96 Oct.
> 12. ...
> Tickets for the festival will go on sale Sunday, Sept. 7, at 12:00
> noon at Avery Fisher Hall, corner of Columbus Avenue and 65th St.;
> Monday, Sept. 8, online at; and on Saturday, September 27
> at the Ziegfeld Theater, 141 West 54th St.
> Presented by the Film Society, the annual New York Film Festival
> showcases new works by both emerging talents and internationally
> recognized artists, including numerous New York, U.S., and world
> premieres. The Ziegfeld Theater is located at 141 West 54th St.
> (Please note the Ziegfeld Theater is not wheelchair accessible. For
> further information please call 212-875-5610.) An additional Opening
> Night screening, as well as Closing Night, will be held at Lincoln
> Center=92s Avery Fisher Hall, corner of Columbus Avenue and 65th St.
> Other screenings and events will take place at the Film Society=92s
> Walter Reade Theater, 165 West 65th St. close to Amsterdam Ave.
> Variety Magazine
> 'Changeling' highlights N.Y. festival: Darren Aronofsky's 'Wrestler'
> to close event
> Original URL
> Posted: Tue., Aug. 12, 2008, 1:45pm PT
> Gothamist
> August 12, 2008
> 2008 New York Film Festival Lineup Announced
> Original URL
> Hollywood Reporter
> NYFF well stocked with Cannes titles
> Original URL
> 'Changeling,' 'The Class' among entries for festival
> By Gregg Goldstein
> Aug 12, 2008
> New York Sun
> New York Film Festival Announces Lineup
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> By Staff Reporter of the Sun | August 13, 2008
> Why the Venice Lido is a launchpad for the OscarsAs the lineup for the
> Venice film festival is announced, we blow the whistle for awards
> season kick-off
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> Venice has announced 55 features in all and packs a punch despite its
> modest size. The Golden Lion is one of the most prestigious awards up
> for grabs on the international festival circuit although winning is no
> sign of Oscar success, as Ang Lee's 2007 espionage tale Lust, Caution
> can attest. Toronto will showcase dozens more films than Venice and in
> recent years has become a bloated aircraft carrier of awards hopefuls,
> even though it lacks a jury prize. No matter: Toronto's raison d'etre
> lies elsewhere. It does a slick job of combining glamour with brash
> commercialism as the studios unleash their bevy of Oscar contenders on
> the world's critics and buyers snap up available rights on little gems
> without distribution.
> One such film last year was Thomas McCarthy's The Visitor, a much
> admired tale of cross-cultural understanding that got picked up by a
> new distributor called Overture Films and has already got people
> talking about Richard Jenkins as a potential lead actor nominee.
> Speaking of early contenders, Toronto, which unveils its lineup in a
> piecemeal way over the course of several weeks, has secured an
> international premiere berth for The Duchess starring Keira Knightley
> as the outspoken 18th century Duchess of Devonshire. Knightley will
> face stiff competition from Angelina Jolie, whose work as a
> traumatised mother in Clint Eastwood's period mystery Changeling
> mesmerised critics in Cannes.

At this point, I'm planning to be at the Deauville Film Festival and
the New York Film Festival for the premieres there. There still
hasn't been any confirmation that I've seen on the others, so until
there's an announcement, I'm hanging fire. I don't yet have a firm
date on when Changeling screens, only that it's somewhere in the
middle of the festival.

Should be pretty exciting all around.