Re: jms viewing list

 Posted on 1/1/2007 by to

Brian Stinson wrote:
> <> wrote in message > God help anyone who actually goes
> through and reads this whole list....
> God help me, I went through it all. That's quite a list. The most
> surprising thing is that you had time to catalog it !
> I'm curious, are you as jazzed about Rome season two starting this month as
> I am ?

To this and other questions....

I got this nifty new hand scanner and software that lets me just scan
the imdb number on the back and it auto-loads the full info about the
movie, takes about a second per dvd, not counting the load-up time
online. I was taking a break from David and wanted to putter.

B5 isn't on there only because those DVDs are kept in the archive room,
not the main viewing room.

And yeah, very much looking forward to Rome S2.