Re: I'm Gone

 Posted on 7/19/2006 by to

Laura Appelbaum wrote:
> "Chris Patterson" <> wrote in message
> > I must admit I'm a bit surprised about this -- maybe because I killfiled
> > ("created a filter" in MT-Newswatcher parlance) Mr. Harper some time ago
> > and haven't seen his posts. Was there some reason you could not do so?
> > It would seem a less drastic step than leaving the group completely. I
> > don't want to seem disrespectful here -- it's just the engineer in me
> > trying to find a way to fix things.
> >
> I ditto that, especially since, as a Luddite, I just don't click on and
> expand/read posts from people I don't want to listen to. It doesn't even
> require a computer program/filter to do that. I guess the temptation to see
> what the jerk was saying was just too great for jms to avoid. :(

The problem with killfiles is, of course, that when the system quotes
messages, they get repeated.

I've now had several email conversations with the moderators, who have
given me their assurances that this will be fixed henceforth, and asked
that I give the process another shot. In the spirit of cooperation,
I'm willing to give them the opportunity to demonstrate that. So we'll
take this one step at a time, and I will give them, and the process,
the benefit of the doubt.

My apologies for the fray, but sometimes a raised public voice is the
only way to get done what private inertia obstructs. That being done,
let's see if we can make this work.

So: onward.