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 Posted on 6/28/2006 by to

It appeared on June 27th, front page of Variety. To quote the relevant

"Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have purchased J. Michael
Straczynski's thriller "The Changeling," which is being eyed by Ron
Howard to direct.
Project, to be produced by Brian Grazer, joins the shortlist of pics
Howard is considering as his next endeavor.

Story, billed as based on actual events, is about a mother who prays
for the return of her kidnapped son. When her prayers are answered,
however, she begins to suspect the boy who comes back is not her

It is, without question, the biggest deal I've ever made, and with Ron
directing (everyone is talking about it as though he's going to do it,
though that has not been stated officially by anyone), and it moves me
from being marginally known in the film business right into the
catetory of a-list writer overnight, which parallels what happened with
Akiva Goldman. I'm thrilled that Ron is involved, because I've always
thought he had amazing story sense and he's one of the directors I most
regard in this business.

Those involved were great in the deal making, and this stands to be a
huge movie.