Re: JMS: Supreme Power question...

 Posted on 7/8/2005 by to

Thunder, Agent '005 wrote:
> I just got issue #17 of SP (very good, as usual). I had read in an
> interview with you that the comic was going to be relaunched as a Marvel
> Knights comic next year (I think). I was just curious: how long will the
> current run last? Will there be several more issues before the
> switchover or will the comic end for a few months and do some kind of
> hiatus before restarting as a MK title? Just curious (I've been enjoying
> the comic so far).
> t.k.

There are going to be two Max miniseries -- a Nighthawk mini, and a
Hyperion mini, the latter of which I'm writing -- that will segue
directly into the re-launch.