Re: ATTN JMS - Crusade dead for good?

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> Correct me if I am wrong, but did TNT want more sex and
>violence in Crusade?


>I read this from every news source out there so
>it must be true.

Well, the one does not necessarily follow from the other....

>How is it that a studio after seeing your work on Babylon 5 could have
>so little faith in your work?

It wasn't a matter of faith in my abilities, it was that they wanted one kind
of show, I wanted to do another, and there was no common ground we could stand

>Couldn't they see where the story was

Yes, but it wasn't where they wanted to go.

>Are they totally out of creative mindset?

One assumes.

>Couldn't they see
>future profit in the series?

Networks don't get future long-term profit, they only get what the ads bring in
first run (and reruns on their network). Only the studio reaps long-term

>After all of the series box sets for
>Babylon 5 are all out will Crusade be released on DVD?

My unofficial understanding is that this will be the case, yes.

>And, if the
>sales go exceptionally well is there hope of reviving Crusade? I know
>that WB owns B5 but is there a chance?

Thing is, Crusade wasn't a show that went many seasons and then disappeared
with a strong fan base and a recognizeable name, both elements necessary to a
revival. It was shot through the head while still in its metaphorical cradle,
and didn't have the time to acquire either of those.

So, bottom line, I really don't think it's ever going to happen. And the more
time passes the less likely it continues to become.

>If Crusade will never be revived will
>there be any future B5 projects?

That's a whole different subject, and there may be a few things in the offing
there, but I'm keeping a low profile on this in case it doesn't go anywhere,
which is so often the case with TV and such.


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