Re: ATTN JMS: Kevin Smith Question

 Posted on 3/17/2003 by to

>A friend recommended Kevin Smith's movies to me, which I'm plowing through
>(along with the 4-hour "An Evening with Kevin Smith" DVD). I'm struck by the
>similar origins of you both (comics, New Jersey) and of course found out
>both writing Spider-Man projects.
>So my question is, how much opportunity have you two had to get to know each
>other? What do you think of his work? What does he think of yours? On one
>the DVDs filmed at his comics store the B5 figurines were arrayed on the
>in the background, which would suggest some passing knowledge of your work.

I've only spoken to Kevin once, at a con, where he was signing. I came up and
introduced myself. He blinked at me for a second, then said, "Huh. You're
taller than I thought you'd be." And that was about it.


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