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 Posted on 6/17/2001 by to

>It's a nifty talent, that - being able to look at things we've grown up with
>and taken for granted, thinking about it, shifting the angle a couple of
>degrees, and like a hologram - a whole new picture comes out. Were you always
>that way, or did it develop through your writing?

I've always been weird that way, I go for the details, I like turning things
around and looking at them in different ways. When I was in college, I helped
a local community center fix up a "youth activities room," which meant getting
scraps left over from carpet stores and putting them together into a kind of
montage carpet.

Now, all the other guys working on this grabbed whatever big swatches of carpet
were available and started laying 'em down. Me, I was at the other end with
all the tiny scraps, a few inches across, maybe a foot, assembling them in this
very detailed, precise sequence, this little abstract tapestry, if you will.
At the end of the day, you would stand at one end of the room and, as one
person put it, "you can tell where Joe was sitting today."


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