Re: Fight scenes on B5

 Posted on 3/30/2001 by to

>I'm a huge B5 fan, and one of the aspects of the show I always liked was its
>realism -- political, scientific, and psychological. But the one area in
>which B5 is consistently unrealistic is its fight scenes. For example, the
>jumping spinning reverse crescent kick seems to be a standard maneuver on B5
>(I recall seeing it at least 3 times), even though, in real life, fighters
>who try that sort of thing consistently get knocked on their butts. And
>then there is Sheridan's fight with Boggs in "Ceremonies of Light and Dark",
>in which Boggs' deranged war buddy stands still and lets Sheridan pull his
>fist back and punch him in the face repeatedly.
>This observation is not intended as an indictment of any of B5's creators.
>It just strikes me as odd that a show that is so believable in every other
>sense is so off-target (as it were) in its fight choreography.

I actually tend to agree with you, in that the fights tended after a while to
have a certain similarity in moves, something that I expressed during the
making of the series but in the hurry of production it never quite got
addressed as I would've liked. So I agree with your criticism.


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