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 Posted on 12/30/1999 by to

>Well, after reading your reccomendation, I put "KODO: Live at Acropolis" on
>Christmas list

>What are my thoughts?
>I think it's f*cking awesome, and I don't attach that label to many things.
>fact, my fingertips are now bruised from drumming along with the CD too much.

>Track 5 in particular ("O-Daiko") is mind blowing.

Here's what you have to know about that cut. Go look at the back cover. See
that massive drum off to the left, the one twice as big as a person? Now look
at the front cover. See the guys standing there with the sticks in front of a
smaller version of that drum? Those sticks weigh something like 5-10 pounds
each. They hold those sticks high above their heads to reach the drum, one in
particular who keeps the main beat going, and they keep doing that for the full
length of that track, which is an astonishing accomplishment. You think he's
going to fall over after a while.

When I heard that, and saw the video, my first thought was, "Ah, well, there's
someone else who knows what it felt like to make B5."


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