Final Reckoning

 Posted on 10/20/1999 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

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"By the way, I note that SiL clearly does refer to 'events that had
not yet happened when SiL was filmed '. For example, there's Lennier's
death. (Remember that Lennier is toasted as one of the 'absent friends,
in memory still bright'.) Franklin being the head of Xenobiology back
on earth. Garibaldi being head of Edgar's Industries (although this is
implicit in 'Rising Stars')."

Exactly so. Franklin's situation even predates any thought at
all about Crusade as a series.

Garibaldi's death (a much quieter passing than he would have
imagined waiting for him), Franklin's final fate on a distant,
unexplored planet, Delenn's final journey (a quest involving Valen,
though no one else around her believes it), Lennier's's
all mapped out, on the theory that whether or not it ever gets used,
*I* had to know it.

( a coming issue of the B5 magazine, there is a
canonical timeline that covers the history of the B5 universe from the
Big Bang to a million years in the future...and it's really nifty to
see the whole thing laid out like that, to realize that, sonuvagun, it
really does work. I commend it to everyone in the highest possible