ATTN JMS: Appearances & Other Deceits Question (Spoilers)

 Posted on 7/31/1999 by to

>Did you have any problems with TNT concerning Appearances & Other
>Deceits? It certainly seemed to have enough action for them--I was
>glued to my seat the whole time! It was a good episode!

It was one in which basically I said "screw it" and after having given a bit
here and there on other episodes, just to try and keep peace (not terribly
important stuff, really), stopped listening to them entirely and wrote in a
manner consistent with the first five.

And that, for viewers, will be the most interesting part from my side of
things. The next 5 to be shown were the first five shot...and as you hit the
end of those five, ask one question: given what's in those five episodes, aside
from the uniforms (which would've been changed anyway) was this a show that
deserved to be shut down, messed with, and otherwise turned upside down?


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