Path of Sorrows

 Posted on 7/2/1999 by J. Michael Straczynski <> to CIS

(blocked) asks:
> Deriving sustenance from *giving* forgiveness?
> From experiencing others receiving forgiveness?
> From experiencing others forgiving themselves?
> Were you implying that he simply didn't have time to warn the big
> shots, or didn't have time if he wanted a seat on the Last Flight
> Out, or that he shared the captive's distaste for PC veeps and
> wanted them to burn? If you're in a mood for answering multiple
> questions, why cut the transponder out of her skin if she only
> had to send a thought to activate it? To convince Matheson that he
> had better flee? Was that explosion the whole telepath war in ten
> seconds, or is more to come? Do you have a strong feeling either
> way about regarding the critter as analogous to Catholic
> confession?

A device that small would run out of power if it were on all the
time, and might be detected. My feeling was that it was switched off
and had to be removed to power it up, then the telepathic signal would
activate the beacon and bring in the troops. You'd have a two-stage
process to a) avoid detection, and b) ensure that if it *were* found it
couldn't be used by anyone else to stage a trap.