New Unauthorized Babylon 5 Book Out

 Posted on 2/13/1999 by to

I would appreciate it if some kind soul could send me a copy of this book
(notify me first so we don't have ten folks sending copies in, and wasting
their time), because this book apparently uses vast tracts of my internet
postings, which is a gross violation of my copyright. I've given permission to
use my postings on other internet systems, but never to be used in a book or to
be sold for profit.

Under my AOL agreement, and my CIS agreement, and the electronic copyright
acts, these public postings are my express property and cannot be used without
my permission.

This applies to magazines as well as books. To anyone else thinking of
poaching -- and we had to deal with a UK publisher on this very issue lately,
and won -- the copyright to this material will be vigorously protected, so
don't even *think* about using it and selling my words for your profit.

These are freely provided, to fans, for their private and non-profit use, with
my permission. NO permission is granted for anyone or anything else.

I fully intend to bring suit against Mr. Schuster for copyright infringement.

>A new unauthorized Babylon 5 book was released recently. I bought it in NYC
>St. Mark's Comics. Here is the book info:
>An Uncensored Guide, The Unauthorized, Uncensored Guide for Fans of Babylon 5
>"Inside Babylon.


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