Re: "Conflict of Interest" and PPGs (Mild Spoiler)

 Posted on 6/3/1997 by to

Seriously Mild Spoiler for CoI:

PPG fire through an HVAC tube wall

This is substantially correct. The PPG blast is extremely hot, and will
melt through the plastic coating and the metal lining inside the tube.
The entire energy of a PPG will not come through the tube (unless by
some coincidence the exact same area is hit twice or three times), and I
believe that this was propoerly portrayed in the sequence. Even if it
isn't the entire energy blast, it will hurt like hell and de-mobilize an
individual meat packet (person) for the bad guys to come get later.

It did take a *very* long time to burn through the bulkhead door to
allow them access to the hallway, and said door did mildly glow in the
affected areas prior to melting through. The station hull is even more
heat resistant.

George Johnsen
CoProducer, B5