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Looney 12-21-2014 12:45 PM

I sent my message to METV. I think B5 is a great way for them to add a 'modern' classic. :D

Jan 12-21-2014 01:44 PM

Yeah, it's a bit odd how some of the posters are protesting that it's too 'modern'. I'd think that any show that premiered over 20 years ago could be considered 'classic'. Heck, if it were a car, it would be an antique!! :)


Jan 05-31-2015 01:21 PM

I just posted this to the Facebook #FreeBabylon5 page:


State of the #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

I know it's been a little quiet around here lately. I want to thank the folks who've been #FreeBabylon5 Ambassadors at conventions over the past months. Everything that helps keep Babylon 5 in the minds of people is great!

What's the State of the Campaign, a few people have asked me?

Well, as you've seen, it's quieted down but by no means are we giving up! The way I see it, the #FreeBabylon5 campaign has two goals: To get the original TV show available in reruns on network or streaming, AND to keep Babylon 5 current in people's thoughts. Convention presence, the Pluto naming campaign, polls on IMDb, all of these and more help.

The good news is that at cons and online, pretty much every genre fan I (and others) run into, know about the show and express interest if they haven't seen it before.

The not-so-good news is that Warner Bros. has succeeded in completely ignoring our efforts. We’ve even heard (second-hand, granted) that when a company approached them to license audio dramas, WB made it clear that the license isn’t available at this time.

So now what? Do we just give up? No, absolutely not! We’d have to turn in our Fan Badges if we did that!

One wonderful result of the #FreeBabylon5 campaign is that the show is in reruns outside of the US in a few places. That seems to mean that the WB offices in other countries are willing to make Babylon 5 available even if the ‘home office’ in the States isn’t. Which brings us to the next push:

Many fans are aware that SENSE8, the new Netflix show by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis will premiere worldwide on Netflix this coming Friday, June 5. Many of you have said that Netflix is the perfect home for Babylon 5 streaming. It seems that now might just be the perfect time to let Netflix know that we want to see more JMS shows streaming.

In our favor is that Babylon 5 IS available (at least here in the States) via Netflix’ DVD service and it WAS available for streaming a while back. And anybody who already has Netflix knows that they love suggesting content to the membership.

So my suggestion is that all of us, all over the world, contact the Netflix in your area via Twitter and ask for it! If Warner’s won’t listen to us, maybe they’ll listen to the big guns at Netflix? It’s worth a try!

Now, 140 characters isn’t much but it's enough. Here’s what I’m going to be sending:

@netflix #SENSE8 comes out June 5 so interest will increase in J. Michael Straczynski shows. Please make BABYLON 5 available for streaming.

Exactly 140 characters! Here are the Netflix Verified Twitter accounts that I was able to find. Netflix is spreading to more countries all the time! Be sure to add any that I’ve missed in the comments below.

cornholio1980 07-31-2015 05:51 AM

Not really #freebabylon5 related, and a long shot in raising awareness of this great show, but I just voted "Babylon 5" on the No. 1 spot on Empire Magazine's "Favourite TV Shows"-survey. Maybe a couple of you would like to join me? ->

Jan 07-31-2015 06:40 AM

Good idea! Thanks for sharing.


phazedout 07-31-2015 06:46 AM

I put
1. Babylon5
2. Sense8
3. Firefly
4. Farscape
5. Supernatural

B5-Stefan 07-31-2015 08:19 AM

Babylon5 on top.


Looney 07-31-2015 05:07 PM

Oh Phaze, "Farscape" - We have sooo much to debate. LOL LOL LOL :D :p

Jan 04-18-2017 06:36 PM

When I posted a while back, I mentioned that the #FreeBabylon5 campaign had two goals:
- to get B5 available in reruns and/or subscription streaming AND
- to keep B5 alive in people's minds

As I'm sure most people know by now, B5 is available in the US for free streaming on . This is great news since B5 hasn't been available in the US since it went off of Netflix in mid-2011 or in any regular reruns for over a decade.

JMS posted a link from the Verified Babylon 5 Facebook page ( ) last night and mentioned that WB seems to have noticed the attention. I think we need to really get their attention!

Everybody who can, would you please go to the WB page linked above and leave a message including the following:
- Thank them for making B5 available in the US after so long.
- Ask if they would please make the Movies and Crusade available as well
- Mention that fans all over the world are clamoring to see Babylon 5 streaming again and ask that they might make it available to large international streaming services.

I think we've got the voices to make sure they know we appreciate what's been done and would appreciate even more. Please folks, go to the Official Babylon 5 Facebook page and post!


Ubik 04-19-2017 02:35 AM

Done Jan!

It'd still love to see it on an international service like Netflix again, for convenience of just sticking on an episode. I imagine a lot of Sense8 fans would check it out too.

Jan 04-19-2017 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by Ubik (Post 137505)
Done Jan!

Thanks! A little disappointed that there are only 24 more comments than last night so far.


It'd still love to see it on an international service like Netflix again, for convenience of just sticking on an episode. I imagine a lot of Sense8 fans would check it out too.
I'll bet. When Sense8 was about to premier a couple of years ago #FreeBabylon5 did a push for people to ask Netflix for it and mention that fans would surely like to explore more stuff by JMS. My feeling is that the roadblock has been WB.

Looney 04-19-2017 08:42 AM

I am on it! Already had someone else post and I will check in there soon! :cool:

Looney 04-19-2017 01:34 PM

Speak up! We really need to get those comment numbers up. I want to see growth!!!! :D

Jan 04-19-2017 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by Looney (Post 137525)
Speak up! We really need to get those comment numbers up. I want to see growth!!!! :D

I think I'd've recognized your post over there even if I didn't already know you! ;)

Nice job. And thanks.

Looney 04-19-2017 02:16 PM

Dang!!!!! I guess Looney is getting predictable. ;)

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