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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Interesting group of posts over on Twitter a little while ago. This was sparked after several people pointed out that Babylon 5 got a prominent mention on 'Breaking Bad' last night.
Originally Posted by Babel-17 View Post
"For three hours straight all he talked about was something called Babylon 5"

lol, I was going to post about that.
I mentioned this over on the guest star sightings thread, since Bryan Cranston was on B5!

Originally Posted by Babel-17 View Post
Hulu is another possibility. They aren't an independent entity but they have money and are really in need of viewers.
It used to be on Hulu and WB took it away to use on their competing "" streaming service instead.

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Seeing as Netflix have bankrolled Sense8, if it is a success, viewers are going to want to see other things JMS has been involved with. It seems like a no brainer for them to put all five seasons of B5 live for streaming when they launch Sense8.

This would be the most logical course of action. We could lobby Netflix, as they already have a relationship with JMS.
It's my understanding that one of the reasons Netflix financed Sense8 was because Babylon 5 was one of their most popular streaming shows when they used to have it. I'm guessing WB put a stop to that streaming service as well...
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