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Originally Posted by Looney View Post
Am I the only one who thinks we should do the opposite of all this. What I think we need to figure out is how to convince WB that the show is so forgotten and even hated that they'll give in and sell their rights to JMS cheap.
I think we need to concentrate on what JMS has suggested and let him deal with negotiating with WB. He's got a degree in psychology, after all.

Originally Posted by frulad View Post
I'm wondering if Netflix streaming, Hulu or even a video on-demand solution might not be a better option than approaching a cable channel.
I'm for going to all venues. Nothing wrong with reruns on cable and streaming available. After all, when Trek first went into syndication, it was on two or three regional channels that I could get (back in the dark ages before cable).

An additional upside is that Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are all looking at developing their own content. If B5 does well with them they might be interested in creating more.

*Which would definitely be in the show's favor
Absolutely! The whole idea is to generate interest from fans and networks and everybody.

The thing is, B5 fans have never been organized. It's time to see if we can't get a lot of us marching in the same direction and *doing* something to get what we want.

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