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Anybody who doesn't care for this method is free to do what they like. I'll point out though, that JMS has mentioned a few times now that he's in casual negotiations with WB to get at least the TV rights. Given that, I'd always figured it would be best to stay low and not let WB know how badly we want new B5.

But this is new and something JMS has never suggested before. I'm going to assume that he knows what he's talking about and do my best to help with the
y'all need to get organized and loud.

Kickstarter is no use to us here because we don't need money for anything. But social media and perhaps a judiciously chosen petition site, and maybe getting the actors involved in spreading the word...and maybe other ideas just might work.

Let's keep this to ideas to make it work. It's not our problem to worry about what might be offered to JMS - all we need to concentrate on is getting B5 back on TV and/or streaming in order to help attract more fans.

'Cause I had the same reaction to the Breaking Bad reference as it seems JMS did. We've been reduced to a punchline, and I don't like that.

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