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ThereÆs a danger something like this can turn into a scene form the Life Of Brian û the point will get lost in the committee meeting discussing minutia. Jan is correct, the details can be worked out by the people who actually make the decisions.

Setting up the Facebook page is a good idea. ItÆs a starting point where people can easily register their support with a single key click and (hopefully) everyone û including article writers - can actually *see* the level of interest, thus potentially increasing interest further.

The more time consuming emails and letter writing (something that remains more or less invisible to most fans) can be carried out by the more committed to the idea.

The B5 fans base is huge. But itÆs largely moved on or became cynical at the thought of new content over all these years. So making it easy to do, is the best way to get this particular snowball moving. Making a point that jms has done a complete 180 on his previous comments about fan campaigns might be something worth highlighting** Because, whatever it was, thereÆs a reason why he did that.
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