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First of all: I think this is a great and wonderful idea. I remember being at PCC and trying to get some people to watch the show, and whenever they asked me "where can I see it" I was like "Uhm... well... you could always buy the DVDs, I guess?" It really sucks. Getting B5 on the air and on streaming-services like netflix and hulu is absolutely imperative if we don't want for Babylon 5 to go away quietly until it's only a long forgotten memory shared by a small, if fortunate, circle. A new cheaper 20th anniversary complete DVD set - or even a Blu Ray-release (and yes, I know that it's more likely that hell freezes over; just wishful thinking here) could work wonders too.

Having said all that... I find myself having a little trouble really getting behind this campaign myself. Not for the reason Looney mentioned, but because it seems rather US-centric. I'm obviously all for it, but I somehow can't shake the feeling that it's YOUR fight. I mean, wouldn't it be a little flimsy for a European to get actively involved in a campaign to bring B5 back to US television?! And when it comes to campaigning for Germany (where B5 was last shown in 2011, and Crusade just a couple of months ago, so it's not quite as bad over here), I just don't think that we'd get any significant numbers to actually raise some heads. Thoughts, anyone?

Also, I really wish this campaign would have started during the PCC reunion frenzy - might have been easier to create momentum with so many fans - and fan groups - gathering there.
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