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Beats me. The existence of previous/other "clusters" of sensates as you referred to them previously, is something I was unaware of, despite having read the script. Though the villain does have powers in it - and you have been more specific with what these are compared to what I could gather from the script, it's not alluded he was a sensate turned "evil".

That makes for an interesting story, if he was one of them, but one day decided to turn against them. It reminds me of Cypher from the Matrix.

Also I think the villain, referred in the script and by TVLine as "Mr. Whispers" - but no one actually calls him by name in the script, so will we even hear the name "Mr. Whispers" in the show? or is it a codename the writers have used for their own purposes? - is played by Terrence Mann.

From the announced cast: he is the only one that fits. Alternatively the actor who plays him was not included in that list. The fact he can occupy bodies of others means he can be played by multiple actors.. But I do believe we have to see his true face at some point anyway..

edit Perhaps they will "unmask" him in Season 2 and they haven't cast anyone in the role for Season 1!

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