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JMS said exactly what I expected about the remaining episodes:

Very happy to see all the positive responses to our Christmas Special. Best to everyone out there. #sense8

@straczynski I love your work Joe but there was just too much dramatic emotional scenes 4 me and not enough of the main story moving forward

@anakin1138 That's because this was really meant as a catch-up on the story and a celebration of the season; S2 has massive story movement.
edit An interesting thread:

I checked it myself. Season 1's episodes end with a copyright notice of: "2015 Reliance Entertainment Production 2 Ltd". The Christmas Special ends with "2016 Netflix Studios, LLC".

If that means that Netflix now fully owns Sense8 and also, that before Season 2 they didn't, I don't know. Or it could simply be that "Netflix Studios" didn't exist in 2015.
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