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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Naturally, it's up to DougO what he wants to do as far as bots/spammers but since cleaning up the spam if they post is my job, I have to say I'm very happy with the 'honey trap' (I think that's what it's called) set-up we have now. Just speaking for myself, I don't care if bots register as long as they don't disrupt the forums. I think since the trap was put in place we've had fewer than a handful of spam postings and those were all 'members' who'd joined before it was in place. Before that it was upwards of 300 spam posts every single day.
I've seen the honeypot set-up you've got and yes, it's effective in keeping spam posts to a minimum. Still, I imagine that tens of thousands of unconfirmed user accounts take up system resources that could be better used for legitimate forum business.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
While I'm sure you're right that many thousands of the registered names are bots or garden variety spammers, another sad fact is that many people register, even post their introduction and then never post again. Never figured out why anybody'd want to do that but there it is. We who post are a spectator sport!
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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Thanks for the thoughtfulness, Alpha.
You are welcome, Jan.
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