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Bablylon 5 podcast And so it begins....

On Saturday, 8th April me and my new vic (ahem) co host steve will record the inaugural edition of babyloncast a bablon 5 episode by episode ramble through the series, including all the movies, crusade and the lost tales.
For some 7 years I've bene doing the same sort of thing with stargate, but we've covered everything now and my co host on that is happilly retiring..

SO this is a call, are there any episodes which hold a particular resonance for you? We'll be watching them in broadcast/DVD order, or just plain dvd order for the PCs. We record via skype and I'll splice audacity files in for each person in the event the recording doesn't go so well or I need a clea sot.

We'll happilly accept guests if a suitable time can be found. I want to get 3 or 4 episodes in the bag before we start releasing them, in order to give me time to get teh editing done and the web site up and running.
If anyone is interested please reply on this thread or mail babylon5cast at gmail dot com.
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