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Marcus Cole

Okay so I searched and I didn't find a thread for this specific character so I am starting one. Feel free to say whatever you want about him, just like I am about to do.

I freely admit that Marcus has never been one of my favorite characters. I have always found him to be too all over the place. One minute he is this kind of virgin warrior priest ninja and the next he is a singing and dancing clown. Well thanks to Shan'waia I had a bit of a Marcus epiphany.

So I discovered that I may have been looking at Marcus in a flawed light. I think my impression of The Rangers has been skewed by the Minbari perspective. I think the show has presented The Rangers as this covert organization of stereotypical Spiritual Ninjas when it comes to the training and how the Minbari see them. With this structure in mind it always made Marcus seem all over the place to me. I was putting him in the wrong category. Sure he had that training, but all the spiritual warrior stuff was just a part of the training. The reality was he was more of an infiltrator and chameleon. Now that I started looking at Marcus as someone who is an expert at blending in and dealing with situations on the fly I see more merit in the character and justification for him bouncing from one end of the character spectrum to the other. I know I have tried to think about him in this chameleon way in the past, but then I watch him versus some of the Minbari and it falls apart. Somehow talking about the fact that not all Ranger uniforms are the same with Shan'waia triggered this justification in my head for him not being the same as some of your hardcore Anla'Shok. And the more I think about it the angrier I get. But seriously, thinking in these terms makes me want to have seen more of his story.

Okay so I know many of you are probably saying, "Duh Looney", but you can't hurt my feelings. lol That is what I love about Babylon 5. I can always find new things. Now I need to work more on loving Byron.
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