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New B5 Unofficial Guide to be published in October 2017

I just saw this item suggested to me during my Amazon navigation this morning :
planned to be released late September 2017 in the USA, October in the UK

Description :
A Dream Given Form provides an accessible, comprehensive, and critical look at Babylon 5, one of the most groundbreaking series of all time. Nearly 20 years after the show ended, this indispensable companion not only covers all five seasons of Babylon 5, but also the feature-length TV movies, the spinoff series Crusade (including three non-produced episodes), The Legend of the Rangers, The Lost Tales, the canonical novels, the DC comic book series, and the short stories set in the Babylon 5 universe. Each season and text is explored thoroughly with an in-depth look at how the individual episodes, books, stories, and comics fit into larger ongoing storylines.

Carefully constructed to be enjoyed by both those who have watched the series multiple times and viewers watching for the first time, A Dream Given Form elucidates without spoiling and illuminates without nitpicking.
I'm not very sure what to think of it. Most books I looked into that were unofficial guides were not very great, pretty much rephrasing what was already known without bringing anything new. And their description of "covering all the canon universe" seem redundant with the coming B5 Encyclopedia, even though the fact the book is described has having 480 pages makes it potentially a pretty comprehensive one. Finally I really don't understand their statement, as they say at the same time to "explored thoroughly with an in-depth look" and at the same time "elucidates without spoiling and illuminates without nitpicking".

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