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I know he's got at least one living sister but I don't think that's her name.

Sorry guys, my computer's been misbehaving and I've lost two other attempts at reporting.

As you saw from the Newsarama report, this was a very personal panel! But for the news you're waiting for, let me get that first:

- B5 movie: he does want to return to the B5 universe and repeated that he owns the movie rights but that he's working on enhancing his street cred but while doing so the property keeps getting colder and he 's trying to work out how to deal with that.

- Rising Stars: latest script is in to MGM and they want it to be the first film of a trilogy and later spin off individual characters.

- Ten Grand has been optioned buy A&E

- He's working on his first novel since leaving comics.

- mentioned Midnight Nation with Gale Anne Hurd but no concrete news.

- When a fan asked about Sense8, it was pretty shocking. Not *necessarily* bad, but certainly not encouraging. What he said, in a close paraphrase is that the show has "in theory" gotten approval for a 2-hour finale *but* so far there's been no movement on making that happen. Nobody's started negotiating with anybody yet. No timetable is set and with the actors all doing their own things, scheduling is likely to be difficult. JMS hasn't heard directly from Netflix and neither has the cast so he doesn't know exactly where it stands. So far all there is is the note that everybody saw. He's not saying that it won't happen but so far the steps to make it real haven't happened yet.

More later about the emotional stories JMS told.

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