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Watching B5 with C&T - Season 2

Previously on this forum (, I posted a B5 first watch thread documenting the reactions of non-science fiction fans "C" and "T" to a condensed version of Season 1.

In this thread I'll be sharing observations as we watch Season 2.

"Points of Departure" / "Revelations"

Not much to report regarding C & T's reactions to "Points of Departure". There was very little commentary from them.

There was more commentary for "Revelations". T caught on right away that there was something going on President Clark, noting that the conversation between him and Sheridan "sounded suspicious".

I took great care not to spoil Delenn's new appearance. I cued up both of these episodes while they were out of the room, and skipped the opening title sequence both times. And it paid off as both C and T were fooled by the red herrings prior to Delenn's final reveal. When Delenn's empty cocoon was shown C said, "I hope she looks better now." But Delenn's early post-cocoon look caused C to ask "She's reptilian now?" Likewise, T did not realize that the tale of Delenn's butterfly wings was just a ruse to get Jack out of the security office. Near the end of episode C did remark that Delenn, "looks much better now."

"The Geometry of Shadows"

With this episode, I allowed C & T to watch the Season 2 opening titles for the first time. I explained how the first two episodes originally had non-spoiler title sequences, but this was dispensed with for the DVD release to save money. At this point C was feeling pretty good about correctly predicting Delenn's new look, and remarked that, "No woman in her right mind would want to look like that (bald with a bone) every week." C also asked me about Michael O'Hare's departure from the show, and I told them the true story as told by JMS about O'Hare's battle with mental illness. I also mentioned that he would be returning as a guest star later on.

Speaking of guest stars, when we got to Michael Ansara's credit and entrance, C recognized both his name and his face, but couldn't place where she had seen him before.

I told them going in that this was going to be a humorous episode, and T liked the humor quite a bit. And during the scene where Refa wanted to know how Londo handled Quadrant 37, T said, "Londo doesn't even know how it was done. I replied, "Yeah, that's right." I've seen the entire series so many times that sometimes I have to stop and think where we are and who knows what at that point.

C's take on the Green vs. Purple Drazi conflict was that it was an allegory on race.

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