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I'm not so sure about this - RE the B5 encyclopaedia.

After reading a comment on another thread about what’s considered canon when it came to compiling the B5 encyclopaedia, I took a look at the recently released extract covering the letter G.

I got to admit, I’ve never read any of the comics or books – so the subjects covered on the bulk of the entries are new to me – I never knew G’Kar had a daughter for example. But I have watched the series.

There’s a few little things which I won’t mention here – but something that did jump out at me was the entry for the Great Machine.

A vast computer construct built five miles beneath the surface of Epsilon 3 by Varn’s species some time prior to 1758. The Great Machine was hidden to keep it from falling into the hands of an outcast branch of the originating species.
But the builders of the Great Machine has long been considered one of the great mysteries surrounding the show. Most likely it was a story thread that was just dropped because the second actor to play Draal wasn’t available. jms himself even said this kind of thing.
Of course, insofar as I recall, it wasn't stated in the episode that Varn's people actually *built* the Great Machine; after all, if they could build it, why would the others have been searching for it so frantically for the last several hundred years?
You may not find out who built the Great Machine in the series, but that will be one of the features of one of the planned TNT movies. And there will be more on the Valen/Sinclair transformation as well.
The second quote was made in ’97 – years after A voice in the Wilderness. So in other words, he’s confirming the builders of the machine were not revealed at that point in the show – and as it turns out they never were.

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