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Originally Posted by Jonas View Post

But I can also judge Discovery on its own merits: so far, it's badly-written and thoroughly reactionary. Maybe it gets better, but its very premise (if only we had engaged in preemptive warfare against the thinly-disguised Muslims afraid of assimilation!) is hideously immoral.
Really?!? I never once thought of reading the show in that way. I guess the Klingons were originally meant to depict communist China and Russia, so it'd be fitting for our times. However, it just didn't seem that overt to me. I hadn't drawn that parallel and certainly didn't feel the show was going for that. Something like BSG had closer parallels to the war on terror and extremism and was clearly intended that way. Also, they show Starfleet striving for a peaceful solution quite a few times, which to me seems to be in keeping with the internal moral code of Starfleet.

I think them not giving Burnham all the info to begin with is to do with trust issues and also to build some mystery and re-enforce the secrecy around the spore drive. How boring would the reveal have been if we / Burnham had just been told everything in an infodump? I didn't see it as stupid writing. Also worth bearing in mind that we are seeing a pre-TOS universe where Starfleet is still inexperienced. I kinda expect them to make mistakes on the ride to the kind of enlightened universe we see in TNG.

To me, the worst episode was the pilot (taken as a whole), and it's improved from there. I still find it eminently watchable and haven't felt the need to critically dissect it.

Curious what you made of Ep. 7 because it was just a whole lot of fun, and a proper good stand alone Trek episode.
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