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I'd like some kind of solid explanation as to why BPO is hunting Sensates and how they pose a threat. I wasn't too convinced by what has already been put on the table. I guess much of it will come down to Whispers and his back story.

I'd also like less montages set to uplifting music.

I'm honestly a bit fearful that the whole finale will be a bit of a rushed mess. I hope JMS has at least had some input in terms of notes and his general 'plan' for the arc has been respected.

I re-watched The Matrix recently and it's still a really fun film, but it really got me thinking about how the Ws have been coasting on the same central idea for the best part of two decades. I still feel like the central premise of the show is great, but has been diluted with too many characters and is trying to spin too many narrative plates.

Anyway... curious to see it when it lands.
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