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Originally Posted by phazedout View Post
I'm enjoying it, i don't care about the wider trek, or trek prime or frajly give a hoot where it fits in to the trekky universe, it's good sci fi and enjoyable.

Also have you checked out the orville, there's a few hit and miss episodes along with sometimes a little too much toilet humour but the morality it explores is fascinating and it looks pretty and well made.
Very well said. On the whole I've enjoyed it quite a bit. The mid season finale felt perhaps a bit rushed, but I really dig that the outcome may change the status quo of the series a lot.

Couldn't really get into the Orville. It wasn't quite funny enough to be full on parody, and the humour is a tad bargain basement for my tastes, it's not quite up to snuff to be the ST homage it so badly wants to be. I'm also not sure why we need a ST homage with toilet humour.
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