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Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Very well said. On the whole I've enjoyed it quite a bit. The mid season finale felt perhaps a bit rushed, but I really dig that the outcome may change the status quo of the series a lot.

Couldn't really get into the Orville. It wasn't quite funny enough to be full on parody, and the humour is a tad bargain basement for my tastes, it's not quite up to snuff to be the ST homage it so badly wants to be. I'm also not sure why we need a ST homage with toilet humour.
Interesting! You're the first person I've met who doesn't like the Orville.

I didn't think I was going to like it, but it does get better over time. It's actually much more star trekian than Disco because of all of the standalone adventure eps. And the one with Moklan couple who have the baby girl and want to change it to a boy reminded me of the B5 episode with the boy whose family wouldn't allow him to be operated on.

But it is Seth Farlan, so yeah, it does have crude humor, and a lot of stuff they do is just really silly, but still fun, IMO.

I do like Disco a lot better though!
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