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Group Watch: The Quality Of Mercy

Well this is one of those sleeper episodes that the first time you watch it you think "Meh..stand alone..weird alien tech...psi-corps stuff." File in memory..dismiss." And it turns out to have a significant impact in a few seasons. JMS doesn't leave many loose ends out there. This episode is a slower paced one I notice because I feel like they've spent a lot of money on action episodes in recent episodes, which probably meant they had to constrain their budget a little bit, especially for the finale.

The plot of the whole criminal mind wipe deal...I really could care less for. I thought it was overacted and not that interesting. Does tie nicely with the alien tech/doctor plot though. And another thing I just thought: was this a foreshadow of Talia's eventual death of her personality?

I can't really tell which is the main and which is the b-plot. Nicely written and woven.

Finally we do get to see a feature of Franklin though! It seems he disappears for a few episodes in the first season and we don't get to see him much. Here we see his compassionate doctor morality which isn't seen in a lot of the military personnel. Ivanova does have a soft spot though, as we see.

A question: The actress who plays the doctor lady..she seems realllly familiar and I didn't see anything on IMDB that caught my eye, but she was a character actor on a looooot of different shows/movies. Is there anything significant I should recognize her from? seems JMS did actually leave a loose end, because it looked like there was a budding romantic relationship for Franklin, and I don't seem to recall seeing the daughter again? Franklin is kind of a player though...

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