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Hi RedEyeSky, welcome!

I'm amazed. I never thought there was so much of the Narn language available anywhere. Nice work!

If your terms were in the actual episodes, I'd be happy to look them up in the scripts. A few things right off:

In Deathwalker, Na'Toth declared "It is Chon-Kar. The Blood Oath."
The words from "Midnight" are "Zhen davu" (narnish apology) and "Shtag" (shut up). The parentheticals are in the script to give the actors the subtext of what they're saying.

The 'scripts' you found don't seem to be any more than rips of the closed captioning.

I've never heard of the linguistics experts that TripleF refers to but there were some concept art samples of (at least) Minbari that appeared in some of the script books. The one on-screen joke I know of was also Minbari where the 'ceremonial' shirt that Vir wore once when he was returning from Minbar had "Aloha" written on it in Minbari.

Larry DiTillio did compile a document about the cultures of the various League races and it appeared in one of the 'Other Voices' script books. I don't remember much in the way of language notes but I'll take another look if you want.

And finally, when you're dealing with B5, the question of canon will always come up. I understand what you mean about it being a chore, but you might want to develop a quick key to denote the sources of some of your terms.

If you can point to the examples you want checked by episode, I'll check the scripts for you.

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