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Random questions about B5

Hi, I started from the begining again watching B5. I'm not sure at all how many times it is, but it's the 4th since I bought the DVDs. I wore most of my tapes out from when it was on. I'm got a few questions about minor things that I was just going to throw out there. Bear in mind please that I do not have the script books and I have read but not memorized the Lurkers guide.

I'd also like anyone that has any questions to join in, I like discussion about little details and B5 so full of them, a great deal of thought an effort was put into this show. Little things can really stand out.

One thing I really like is my cousin bought me The Gathering on VHS so I have the new version and the original version. It's fun to pause the DVD and watch the tape and back.

Are those little red triangle shaped ships supposed to be the fighters? There were no Cobra bays on the original struts I noticed, but they really didn't mention fighters in the story except for Sinclair's recurring memories. I thought they might have been an artifact from the pilot but I saw them again in a 1st season episode, but I can't remember which one, around the 4th one.

Could that nasty Mimbari been a Windsword? I know it doesn't really matter, but, just a thought. Maybe Deathwalker made the poison.

I kind of liked some of the aliens that got cut out, but I understand why they were. What I didn't like was the scene where Sinclair said hot alien chick eats their mate afterward? That struck me as such a throw away scene, maybe the only really throw away that I'd really like thrown away.
I'm sure someone else can think of others through the series and please do mention them if you'd like, but I really can't.

Now, help me here please, but Laurel was somehow part of the conspiracy to get rid of Sinclair with G'kar and the assassin? I know this is more of a plot question than a random question.

Off of The Gathering, in at least 2 first season episodes I saw Delenn's fingernails and they had a neat little polish of silver in a half moon and line up the middle. (I'm not describing it well, sorry) Did anyone else wonder if it was supposed to be nail polish/paint or did Mimbari have these colors on their nails? Her friend, the poet, had hers painted the same way. It is a very small detail, but it's visible and they were really neat looking. When Morden talks to Delenn for the first, only time she puts her hand on her forehead to cover her triangle (?) and you can see her nails. I don't know what the triangle was about, either. It seemed like some of the Grey Council had them.

There's lots more where these came from but my mind is a very chaotic place. I had this nice vision of watching an episode and then remembering my question(s) and posting in order. Then life hit me and here I am a month and a half later trying to remember things. Please include any questions of your own.
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