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Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
HOW CAN Warner Brothers "bring the existing product out of mothballs" other than to air it on The CW or (spit! ) TNT, the only networks in which they have influence? What are they supposed to do, shop it (old B5 reruns) around for interest? Cut the price of the rerun license? The latter is probably something that would send Warner Brothers suits and accountants into alternating fits of laughter or hysteria/panic or cause heart attacks.
Mac, that's the whole point of this campaign. To get channels interested in airing Babylon 5. Why not the Science Channel? They aired Firefly to good ratings. Or the SyFy (or however they're spelling it this week) channel where it did air before.

This needs to be focused on getting the show back to being available to be discovered.

So...from now on, please post your *ideas* for contacting the networks and streaming services and WB. We know you're bitter about the past but you either need to set that aside of just don't get involved at all.

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