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Skywatch Game 2018 Edition

The Skywatch Game is open for guesses for 2018! Below are the guesses carried over from the 2017 pinned post.

As in previous years, if there's a new announcement of a project by JMS from a good source (JMS hisownself, Variety, Deadline and the like) the *closest* guess will win a Fabulous JMSnews Prize. Now, since announcements seem few and far between, we're going to make these changes this year:

First, the *closest* guess will need to be within 14 days of the announcement.

Second, I've chosen nine random dates (by the scientific method of closing my eyes and making circles on a calendar) through the year and if anybody guesses that exact date, they'll win a Fabulous JMSnews Prize.

12/29/2017 - DeMonk
12/31/2017 - Looney (Yes, this ends up with 4 so if Loney wins, one will be forfeited)
1/1/2018 - Babylonlurker
1/17/2018 - Melanie
1/25/2018 - DeMonk
2/2/2018 - Babylonlurker
2/11/2018 - DeMonk
2/15/2018 - Kraig
2/25/2018 - Melanie
2/27/2018 - B5-Stefan
3/1/2018 - B5-Stefan
3/4/2018 - B5-Stefan
3/11/2018 - Melanie
3/17/2018 - Phazedout
4/6/2018 - Looney
6/17/2018 - Kraig
7/10/2018 - Kraig
7/19/2018 - Looney
7/21/2018 - Looney
7/29/2018 - Phazedout
8/16/2018 - Phazedout

Thanks for playing, folks!
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