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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
You do realize that whatever he says. it's not likely to actually comics related, more likely to be adaptation related.
Oh yes. I just meant with regard to the previous post from April about what was said on Facebook. That seems like one of those little items that is still hanging out there.

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
ETA: RE: pressure. Audio Recorder: Check. Camera: Check. Batteries/chargers for both: check. New cushioned shoe inserts: Ordered. MySched app on phone: Check. Badge: Check. We're making progress with preparations!
So team Jan, does JMS let you put the audio recording device next to him on the table? I wonder if it is possible for you to get Press credentials with the extensive coverage you've provided over the years? Granted the coverage has been of one subject, but you are basically the primary JMS reporter. I don't think anyone else can make that claim. Lots of news agencies have reporters whom cover only one individual. The difference being you are just your own news agency.
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