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Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Just finished and really need to start the re-watch right away. I enjoyed it a lot - an awful lot. It was like coming home to loved friends in a lot of ways. A lot of the humor was till there even though things seriously got moving. I think the holiday special was a great idea since it covered the time it took for the cluster to really learn about each other. When I re-watch, I'm definitely going to start from the special.

But I admit that nothing came close to touching me emotionally this season as the birthing scene did last season. I felt that there was less 'staying in the moment' for the sake of cutting between the cluster-mates. This surprised me, given what I've read of how Lana directs.

Was something very different about the sound editing this season or do I really need to get my hearing checked? During memory scenes there were quite a few things that Angelica would be saying that I could only get impressions of due to reverb. Maybe that was the way it was supposed to be but I found it annoying. And there were another few scenes where dialogue was overpowered by the music.

Going to wait a couple of days and start the re-watch and maybe do some commenting on individual episodes.
Great to hear that Jan. I too am enjoying this so much. I have just one episode left now! It has everything I wanted from S2, and it really is stuffed full of plot advancement. I still think there are some beautiful moments, but compared to S1 things are moving much faster, but this makes sense in terms of what the cluster are going through.

I agree with you on the sound mix. I had moment where I really struggled to understand some of Sun's dialogue. I think the reverb / delay effects are very much meant to slightly obscure what is being said, and leave us wondering a bit.
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