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"A Distant Star"

This was C & T's second viewing of the Season 2 opening titles, and this time C asked me about Bruce Boxleitner. She said she recognized his name and asked me what else he had been on. I said that his previous TV series was "Scarecrow and Mrs. King". It turns out that C had watched that series during its original run and had liked it.

It just so happens that when the Cortez entered the jumpgate, C asked what the jumpgate was. I paused the playback and explained that it was a jumpgate, an entry into hyperspace. I said hyperspace functions as a kind of shortcut, enabling a space traveler to cross vast distances in a relatively short period of time. I noted that she had asked her question at the perfect time, because hyperspace figured prominently in this episode's plot.

T found the diet, er, food plan subplot highly amusing. He noted, "Even in the future no one wants to go on a diet."

Although we pretty much watch the show at one week intervals, like the original air dates, C is having a bit of trouble remembering continuity. For example, she asked why Ivanova was using a cane. I reminded her that Ivanova broke her foot when dealing with Green and Purple Drazi in the previous episode. Likewise, when the Shadow ship appeared in hyperspace, C asked what that was, and I first said, "Those are the people that are helping Londo." Then I added, "Those are Mr. Morden's associates." I was somewhat vague so as not to spoil the upcoming reveal of the Shadows.

When it was over T said it was pretty good. I told him that IMO the second season is better than the first season, the third season is even better than the second season, and the fourth season is just as good, if not better, than the third. I also told him that there were some really good episodes coming up later this season. But even though "A Distant Star" isn't an acclaimed episode, both C & T seemed pretty engaged by it.

"The Long Dark"

As I had mentioned before on this forum, this is an episode I had considered skipping, because it was repeated so many times that I got sick of it. However, I did show it to C & T. Even though I still consider "The Long Dark" a lesser Season 2 episode, I thought it held up pretty well and both C & T seemed engaged by it.

There was not too much commentary from them. However, we all got a good laugh when Amis said of the soldier of darkness, "I think it's calling me" and then the phone rang.

At the end C noted the picture in the book of G'Quon and said, "That looks like what they just shot." I replied that this was foreshadowing, but I resisted the impulse to add, "No pun intended."
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