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All interesting, and somewhat muddled! I would think they need most, if not all of the cast back to make this work. If the action is go and it's been announced, I would expect those conversations to have already taken place. Plus, committing to a two hour special is easier than an entire season with a gruelling shooting schedule. Different bag me thinks, easier to work.

It is strange that there are contradictory stories and versions of what happened and why. JMS can sometimes get a bit impassioned during online conversations. He is generally factually correct, but can be a bit of a knob on occasion. I expect he will have stuck to the info he had available to him. Anyhow, I would think he'd be involved and be a key part of writing the special. His writing definitely balanced out the Ws work very well, JMS has a better feel for in depth characterisation and long form plotting.
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