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When I wrote the above, my theory was that he was being negative ("it's over, there's no point, let's move on"), so there was no point in involving him with the negotiations past a certain point. Of course I don't know shit!, that's just the first thought that crossed my mind, because granted, he was pretty negative about it. (Clarification: not about wanting to do more, but about there being a chance for more to exist). He is also involved with several other scripts, potential series, movies, while Lana has nothing else planned for the immediate future (as far as we know, anyway), so Lana perhaps had more time to do "unofficial" negotiations, you know, not inside an office as part of Unpronounceable Productions, but having lunch with select producers, or even meeting Max Riemelt in Paris, to change his mind (a popular theory about why they were spotted in a restaurant in Paris).

I would certainly like JMS to still be involved, but Lilly's departure means far more to me, and if I was able to handle that she stopped being involved for an entire season, I will certainly be able to handle JMS not being involved with a 2h episode. Although, for now, I do assume he is still involved, since he kinda backpedaled about his prior statements.
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