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I honestly don't care who knew what when (in regards to the sudden Sense8 announcement). I am just very glad it will have some kind of a wrap up. I actually have not finished the series, I've been so turned off by the idea that I'll be paying Netflix's monthly fee just to watch House of Cards.

Netflix has had a rocky history with its customers, to say the least. I'd say their administration is learning to listen to outcries and actually consider what they could do that wouldn't necessarily mean reversing their decision. Just softening the blow a bit and showing respect for their clients and their artistic creators.

On a side note: is it better to have an entity like Netflix cancel a show like Sense8 or to have an entity like (TNT? WB?) that tries to force the authors to rewrite it? I'd rather have short-lived, unique offerings that come from the creators' vision, I think. But it will be so much better with at least a kind of resolution. With possibilities of renewal in the future, perhaps?
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